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The Seppeler Group in Poland consists of four plants, whose production lines were designed in such a way to facilitate our offer to be as wide and fitted to Your needs as it is possible.

Ocynkownia Chrzanów

Zinc bath working dimensions:
16,20 lg. x 1,90 wd. x 2,75 dpt. [m], crane capacity: 7,4 t

At our plant in Chrzanów, we provide a specialised galvanizing service on so-called double-dipping, enabling galvanizing of components up to 21 m in length.

Ocynkownia Kluczbork

Zinc bath working dimensions:
12,40 lg. x 2,85 wd. x 3,10 dpt. [m], crane capacity: 15,0 t

Kluczbork is home to the widest galvanizing bath in Europe. Modern passivation of the zinc coating (cynklar) is also performed.

Ocynkownia Częstochowa

Zinc bath working dimensions:
14,00 lg. x 1,40 wd. x 3,20 dpt. [m], crane capacity: 6,4 t

The plant has the most modern and automated production line in Poland, allowing high repeatability of the set parameters to be achieved. A passivation service is also provided – cynklar.

Ocynkownia Świdnica

Zinc bath working dimensions:
4,70 lg. x 1,20 wd. x 2,10 dpt. [m], crane capacity: 2,0 t

High-temperature galvanizing:
2,50 lg. x 0,75 wd. x 1,50 dpt. [m], crane capacity: 1,0 t

Thanks to the use of a high-temperature bath, it is possible to accurately apply a zinc coating of 25 µm to 80 µm onto small components. This method is also known as centrifugal galvanization.