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Dimensions of galvanizing baths

The key figures for each site are the overall dimensions and the unit weight of the component. All of our sites have fully covered storage areas for storing galvanized components and structures under appropriate conditions.

Ocynkownia Chrzanów

Zinc bath working dimensions:
16,20 lg. x 1,90 wd. x 2,75 dpt. [m], crane capacity: 7,4 t

At our plant in Chrzanów, we provide a specialised galvanizing service on so-called double-dipping, enabling galvanizing of components up to 21 m in length.

Ocynkownia Kluczbork

Zinc bath working dimensions:
12,40 lg. x 2,85 wd. x 3,10 dpt. [m], crane capacity: 15,0 t

Kluczbork is home to the widest galvanizing bath in Europe. Modern passivation of the zinc coating (cynklar) is also performed.

Ocynkownia Częstochowa

Zinc bath working dimensions:
14,00 lg. x 1,40 wd. x 3,20 dpt. [m], crane capacity: 6,4 t

The plant has the most modern and automated production line in Poland, allowing high repeatability of the set parameters to be achieved. A passivation service is also provided – cynklar.

Ocynkownia Świdnica

Zinc bath working dimensions:
4,70 lg. x 1,20 wd. x 2,10 dpt. [m], crane capacity: 2,0 t

High-temperature galvanizing:
2,50 lg. x 0,75 wd. x 1,50 dpt. [m], crane capacity: 1,0 t

Thanks to the use of a high-temperature bath, it is possible to accurately apply a zinc coating of 25 µm to 80 µm onto small components. This method is also known as centrifugal galvanization.