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Zinc bath dimensions and specialties

  • Length: 14.00 m
  • Width: 1.40 m
  • Depth: 3.20 m

Allow the galvanizing of components with up to 14 meters in length and/or 3.20 meters height unit weights of up to 6.4 tons.

Hot dip galvanizing of up to a total weight of 20 tons within 24 hours. The plant has the most modern and automated production line in Poland, allowing high repeatability of the set parameters to be achieved.

  • Surface finishing: Cynklar – to help avoid white-rust and allowing long-term gloss retention.
  • Complementary services: Individual weighing, mounting of small components.
  • Logistic services: Transport services, temporary storage of galvanized components under a roof.
  • Consulting and training: Consulting and training on the topic of "corrosion protection" by qualified specialist personnel.

State-of-the-art galvanizing technologies and special planning- and control networks guarantee a consistently high galvanizing quality and ensuring even the shortest possible delivery time – delivery within 24 hours possible (order volumes of 20 tons).

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Marcin Tyla

Information Technology

Krzysztof Symiec

Safety of Work and Environmental Protection

Marta Mądrzyk

Marketing Coordinator


Thanks to the Seppeler Group's alliance, each company offers an individualized range of services that is tailored to requirements. Hot dip galvanizing from 2 cm screws to 21 m long or 4.50 m high steel structures (item weight: up to 15 tonnes) possible.