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Passivation involves immersing an already galvanized component in a water-based acrylic varnish in order to provide additional protection of the anti-corrosion coating. Passivation service is available at two facilities, i.e.: Kluczbork Galvanizing Plant and Częstochowa Galvanizing Plant.

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Cynklar pleases the eye

Passivation, also known as cynklar, is another layer of protection, thanks to which the zinc coating retains its original aesthetic qualities for longer. A stylish, bright and shiny surface is particularly popular with manufacturers of small steel architectural products, such as garden furniture, fences or gates.

Passivation can be used successfully as a pre-treatment before wet painting, as it improves the adhesion of the paint.

Advantages of metal passivation

  • Prevents white rust, runs and efflorescence
  • Increases the aesthetic value of the zinc coating
  • Provides additional protection, so that the anti-corrosion coating retains its bright and shiny surface longer
  • Can be used as pre-treatment prior to powder coating or wet painting