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Long-term protection – how galvanization works.

Steel is used in a wide variety of areas and is one of the most popular, most versatile materials. Due to its characteristic of reacting with the natural environment and thus corroding, the surface requires special treatment. In galvanization, the steel part therefore receives a protective layer. For many rust-free decades.

For this, the pre-treated steel parts are immersed in an approximately 450°C-hot zinc bath as part of a multi-stage immersion procedure. A corrosion protection coat forms in the form of an iron-zinc alloy coating on the surface. The component is protected. With no maintenance required. And in an environmentally friendly fashion. Our motto "Seppeler – we make it work" has great importance in hot dip galvanizing too.

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High-temperature galvanizing

Extremely thin, extremely hard, extremely precise – learn more about the advantages of high-temperature galvanizing.

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Information regarding the proper designing and manufacturing for hot dip galvanizing is available in our customer folder. Don't hesitate to contact us.

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