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Seppeler Brings in Reinforcement

On 01.01.2015 the Seppeler Group Executive Board received reinforcement.

[Translate to Englisch:] Diplom-Kaufmann Thomas Weise ist nun für den kaufmännischen Bereich der Seppeler-Gruppe verantwortlich.

Executive Board received reinforcement. The 45-year old business studies graduate Thomas Weise moved from Düsseldorf on the Rhine to Rietberg in Westphalia where the former member of the management board at the NRW brand of IKB Deutsche Industriebank AG is now responsible for the commercial sector at Seppeler Holding und Verwaltungs GmbH.

Wiese got to know the company about 12 years ago in fact. Back then he was travelling in Eastern Westphalia and the Münsterland region a lot for the IKB. During this time he not only supported Seppeler in financial matters but also found out a great deal about the company and the people behind it. “These experiences and the possibility of working in an integrated way inspired me to take this step.” Thomas Weise explains his move to a corporate group that operates in an industry he is unfamiliar with.

In response to how he would describe the company from the point of view of an outsider over many years, Weise answers that the Seppeler Group is a very down-to-earth and healthy company. He also thinks the fact that it is an owner-managed family-run company is extremely positive. Furthermore, he emphasises that the group structure is very unusual in the industry and is based on modern corporate management founded on trust. The qualified businessman sees his move as a mark of confidence in Seppeler and the future of hot dip galvanizing: “Values up to EUR 90 billion are still destroyed by corrosion every year in Germany today. 

Hot dip galvanizing is one method as part of corrosion protection and Seppeler is an established company on the market.” Over the next few weeks, the new member of the management board first has an intensive induction period ahead of him that besides the key areas of responsibility of finance and accounting, IT and personnel also include the technology as such. In the long-term Wiese then also sees sales as an important component in his daily work, whereas it is mainly the variety of topics and extensive activities that appeal to him. You may initially be amazed that someone from the Rhineland would move to Rietberg in Westphalia but Weise also sees this move as being very positive. At the end of the day his many years of experience and the opportunity for personal further development ultimately made this an easy decision. “Besides professional contacts I also have made several personal friends who have made the move much easier for me.” concludes Thomas Weise.


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