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Rietbergwerke at the 2015 Careers Fair

The Rietberg Careers Fair was held at the Gymnasium Nepomucenum secondary school on 07.02.2015. The fair is hugely popular with students and exhibitors every year. As it also was with the Seppele Group’s Rietbergwerke.

As one of the largest employers in Rietberg, the apprentices and Human Resources staff answered questions from interested visitors. The focus here was not just on the different industrial and commercial vocational options. “It was important to us to be able to also communicate a feeling for the company and the great solidarity there to the students. 

As we really value this.” says Marion Sampl, who is responsible for the commercial apprentices. Prospective industrial managers, industrial mechanics and even specialists in metal technology learn how to work together with different departments in project work. That is also how the “Zinkblitz” project came about. The soapbox exhibited at the fair was developed and produced by the apprentices. And very successfully too. The one-off accomplished first place at the race in Ahlen-Dolberg.


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