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Lennestadt galvanization plant and Arnsberg powder coating have a strong presence.

[Translate to Englisch:] Blick auf die Fertigwarenseite: ein hoher Automatisierungsgrad und eine moderne Betriebsdatenerfassung garantieren höchste Qualität

When Uwe Meyer, Division General Manager at Lennestadt galvanization plant, walks through the large hall towards the zinc coating boiler, he and his management team are filled with pride. “We have one of the most state-of-the-art zinc coating plants in Germany here and all the processes were optimised three years ago too. As a result we are the ideal partner in the region and beyond for all aspects of zinc coating.” reports Meyer, who together with around 60 employees wants to lead the company into a successful future.

Just roughly fifty kilometres away in Arnsberg, Managing Director Michael Mainda is working in a 2-shift operation with his team. Their speciality: powder coating. This can be done here in all RAL and special colours on steel and aluminium with a weight up to 350 kilograms. One special feature is also the anti-graffiti and anti-slip coating which is often used in the public sector. The appropriate surface pre-treatment and a range of logistics services complete the powder coating services offered in Arnsberg.

Both companies are part of the Seppeler Group with head office in Rietberg in the Gütersloh district. You are in exactly the right place here when it comes to corrosion protection. The company was founded by Eduard Seppeler and consistently further developed over several generations. With 14 locations in Germany and Poland today the corporate group specialises in hot dip galvanizing and coating. Its other business areas include its own container technology and the production of all kinds of gratings. The group companies are legally independent with a high degree of corporate freedom but become a powerful entity as a strong group.

At the same time it goes without saying that the Seppeler Group companies think and work with a focus on service. With latest expertise and state-of-the-art production engineering, all the employees act very collaboratively with their customers. At the same time the local metal worker is just as important as the major customer where Seppeler experts are often already involved in the planning and construction phase of building projects. As a result, every one of us has probably already admired architectural highlights or used constructions in our everyday life whose steel elements have been zinc coated or coated at one of the Seppeler locations beforehand.

Intensive research is being done for the company so that this also remains the case in the future. The foundation of the same name started up by Dr. Klaus Seppeler in 2003 deals with this. The results are being resolutely incorporated and implemented in the companies thus securing the quality of services and jobs within the Group in the long-term.

In the meantime Uwe Meyer has reached the zinc coating boiler in Lennestadt. With working dimensions of 6.85 x 1.45 metres and a depth of 3.35 metres this boiler is also suitable for special product groups. The depth of 3.35 metres in particular enables larger zinc coating goods to be comfortably immersed. The immersion times are also automated throughout the entire zinc coating process and stored accurately for every zinc coating product which means maximum quality can be achieved. As there are different boiler working dimensions within the Seppeler Group, a wide range of customer requirements can already be covered. As a result, Uwe Meyer and his customers know: what cannot be solved on site is solved within the Seppeler Group. True to the key message: Seppeler – we make it work.


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