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The Name Says it All

The new name is a clear commitment to the location and to customers in the region.

Paul Heinemann is now called Feuerverzinkung Osnabrück
“The new name is a clear commitment to the location and to customers in the region.” says Division General Manager Klaus Großegesse with conviction. The new name for Paul Heinemann GmbH & Co. KG has been Feuerverzinkung Osnabrück GmbH & Co. KG. since mid-May. With this we are not only pursuing the conviction within the parent company, the Seppeler Group, of firmly establishing the core business and location in the company name but rather making it clear to everyone in the Greater Area of Osnabrück: when it comes to hot dip galvanizing, you are in good hands here.

The renaming of the company is just one of several steps in getting Feuerverzinkung Osnabrück fit for the future. The range of products and services offered is being consistently developed step by step. For example, a new furnace including new boiler for more zinc coating options: “Although our customers have been able to have tanks, metal-worked products or fences zinc coated in Osnabrück up to now, considerably larger parts can now be accepted, such as those required by vehicle manufacturers or stable fitters.” explains Klaus Großegesse. The boiler is 8.80 metres long, 1.75 metres wide and 3.50 metres deep. Pre-treatment is being adapted at the end of the year and the drying furnace is being installed so that the depth of the boiler can also be fully utilised. This is all being extremely well received by customers from the northern Emsland down to southern Münsterland regions and Holland, confirms Pascal Monkenbusch, who has direct contact with customers as a Sales Manager: “As a result we are even more flexible and supplying even better quality – an important signal for our customers.”

Another new service since April last year is finishing on site including powder coating, which is done as part of a regional cooperation. Other additional work can also be completed, as per customer requirement. Besides Klaus Großegesse, who has known hot dip galvanizing inside out for 30 years and learnt from the bottom up, there is Pascal Monkenbusch who advises and supports customers. Uwe Krohn, who not only guarantees quality, but is also taking care of the extensive modifications.

Besides the improved range of services, it is the customer service in particular that makes the difference. And here at Feuerverzinkung Osnabrück we are also doing a great deal for this. The goods receiving department was recently totally restructured as the galvanization plant’s lynchpin. For example, order processing has been considerably simplified for customers with the introduction of bar codes.

Data is collected much faster and more efficiently. Customer specifications are stored centrally and integrated into internal processes and transport services have also been made more flexible. In this respect the change in name is one thing above everything else: a visible sign to everyone that there is another location with Seppeler quality when it comes to hot dip galvanizing -  Industriestraße 5 in Westerkappeln.


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